Becoming Vegan

The transition into becoming vegan was slow for me. To start I’d like to add that I never ate any red meat, just some shellfish, chicken and pork. Red meat looked so bloody, it made me feel like I was eating a carcass. I’m honestly shocked that I didn’t decide to go meatless sooner. I first started cutting out meat in the fall of 2015. I always thought of myself as environmentally conscious until I watched the documentary “Cowspiracy”. I never knew the detrimental effects the meat industry had on the planet. I slowly started integrating Beyond Meat products and other meat imitators into my meals to test the waters for being a vegetarian. It Didn’t Take very long for me to realize cooking without the meat alternatives is easier and so much tastier. By mid December I cut out meat all together. I don’t know the exact date so I just use New Years as my anniversary for being vegetarian. Since I am lactose intolerant (or just not a baby cow) I already didn’t eat cheese or drink milk so it wasn’t hard at all for me to cut those two items out. I found it easier to look up recipes for vegans than it was to look up recipes for vegetarians. And Voila, I became vegan. I’ll admit, not the strictest vegan. Hidden dairy and egg products to this day are hard to keep off the plate but I am consciously making an effort to cut them out. In late March I watched “Earthlings” on YouTube and that was the point of no return for me. I can’t live knowing I am inflicting suffuring on any other living being.
Since going vegan my energy is up, my acne is down, my weight dropped 25 lbs. in the first couple months. I feel alert and lightweight. And best of all I feel like I’m doing the planet and all those who live on it good.

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